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Icons: The 9/11 Series, Part 1

September 4, 2011


This is the first in a series of interviews with the photographers who covered the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon ten years ago and shot what are now considered iconic images. Produced in partnership by American Photo magazine and The Digital Journalist website, the interviews were done in the two weeks after […]

Behind the Picture: A William Wegman Interview

August 21, 2011


There are people who own dogs and love dogs. And then there are dog people—the ones who go a little overboard. These are the people who, as the artist William Wegman told me recently, “are so doggy, everything they do is sort of a dog thing.”       Wegman, who is and will forever be best […]

Icons: Marilyn Wears Chanel N°5

August 17, 2011


Last May, I posted a piece about one Ed Feingersh’s iconic image of Marilyn Monroe anointing herself with Chanel °5. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of the fragrance’s introduction. This week comes news that the legendary woman behind the perfume, Coco Chanel, spied for the Nazis in occupied France during World War II. (The […]

Art: The Difference Between Boys and Girls

August 4, 2011


It is generally assumed that people have hidden selves, identities that are different from those we present to the world. Another common belief is that the artful portraitist will trick the truth out of a subject, discovering and uncovering that which was kept private. That truth—what appears to us as truth—very often has the appearance […]

Emerging Work: The Coolness of the Urban Farmer

July 18, 2011


Andy Kropa is a talented freelance photographer who lives in the world capital of hipsterism: Brooklyn, New York. Kropa happens to be from Iowa, a place that is generally not considered hip. While Brooklyn has a rich culture of artisanal baking, brewing, pickling, and whatever, Iowa has rich black earth that produces prodigious amounts of […]

How I Got the Picture: Matthew Rolston’s Bloody Fun

July 13, 2011


Let’s do some role-playing: You’re the photo editor of a big entertainment magazine that comes out a couple times a month, and your biggest job is to make sure that each of those issues has a spectacular cover.  You line up the right celebrities, the right photographers, and the right ideas, and you hope pray […]

Behind the Camera: Alec Soth’s “Broken Manual”

July 13, 2011


When I spoke with photographer Alec Soth in May,  I forgot to ask him if he’d ever read Robinson Crusoe. At the very least I wanted to suggest that he take a look at Jonathan Franzen’s recent New Yorker magazine essay about the novel, which Franzen calls “the great early document of radical individualism.” I […]