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Posted on October 31, 2011


1. Oldest Known Print of Iconic Cartier-Bresson Photo To Be Sold (PetaPixel)

“Behind the Gare St. Lazare” is one of French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson‘s best known photographs, and is frequently cited as an example of his “decisive moment” approach to photography. The photograph was made in 1932, but the oldest known print is dated 1946. That print will be sold at a Christie’s auction in on November 11th along with 100 other signed prints, and is expected to fetch up to $250,000.


2.  Chuck Close Tests California Art Resale Royalty Law (GalleristNY)

Should artists get a cut when an owner of their work resells it to someone else? In 1976 California once-and-future governor Jerry Brown signed a law giving artists just such a five-percent cut, but the law has never been fully enforced or even understood. However, the law has been thrust into the news of late thanks to two lawsuits: Chuck Close, Laddie John Dill and other artists have joined forces to sue Sotheby’s and Christie’s, arguing that the houses owe them hundreds of thousands of dollars in resale royalties.


3. Famed Rock Photographer Hits Out at Foo Fighters Over Copyright Grab (MakingImages.Com.AU)

Legendary rock photographer Baron Wolman has hit out at bands like the Foo Fighters, saying restrictive photographic conditions are hurting the music industry.


4. The Story Behind Olympus’s Link to Organized Crime (PetaPixel)

Jake Adelstein at the Japanese Subculture Research Center has written up an interesting article regarding the ongoing Olympus scandal, focusing on the organized crime allegations that have been brought against the company.


5. Leica Sells 44-Percent Minority Stake to American Company (Wall Street Journal)

The news is much better for German camera maker Leica. Private-equity firm Blackstone Group LP said Wednesday it will buy a 44% stake in Leica Camera AG, in a deal aimed to help fund the international expansion of the premium camera-equipment maker….Though the price wasn’t disclosed, the deal is valued at roughly €130 million ($179 million). In 2004, Leica chairman Andreas Kaufmann bought 95 percent of the company for around $85 million (PetaPixel).


6. $50 Donation Gets You the Director’s Cut of New Documentary On NY Street Photogs (Kickstarter)

Cheryl Dunn’s documentary features work by Joel Meyerowitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Davidson, and others.


7. How To Send DSLRs Into Space (DIY Photography)

A shot made from the beer-cooler spacecam

It is one thing to send a cell phone or a small HD camera into space with a weather balloon, it is a completely different thing to send a D300s equipped with a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens (about $2,200 combined) into space. And yet an even more courageous one to send it in a beer cooler.


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