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Posted on October 10, 2011



Jobs by Albert Watson

1. Steve Jobs—The Stories Behind the Photos

The media is heaping accolades on Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died yesterday of cancer at the age of 56. But Steve Jobs also had a reputation among photographers for being a difficult subject–and not just run-of-the mill difficult, but the archetype of difficult (PDN Pulse).  Upon hearing the news that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs had died, Time Mmagazine on Wednesday evening stopped its presses for the first time in at least 30 years (


2. Göksin Sipahioglu, Founder of Sipa Agency, Gets Extraordinary Tribute

The life and impact of this photographic giant, who died last week, at age 84, gets an extraordinary tribute in today’s edition of La Lettre de la Photographie. To read this special is to get a glimpse of an era of photo history now far behind us. (La Lettre de la Photographie)


3. Is the new iPhone’s Face Recognition Feature Great, or Really Scary?

The technology is undoubted cool, but it may prove to be Pandora’s box when it comes to privacy. Imagine a world where every person on the street can be identified by simply pointing your phone at their face. Curious about a stranger? Point your camera at them to pull up their Facebook profile. (PetaPixel)


4. The Art of Being a Photo Editor: Kathy Ryan Interview

Kathy Ryan, the Director of Photography at The New York Times Magazine, is famous for cross-assigning—hiring a war photographer to shoot celebrities, or commissioning a large-format landscape photographer to capture news close up. She gives a interview to Time magazine, which comes with a portfolio from the new book The New York Times Magazine Photographs. (Time Lightbox)


5. What Alec Soth Learned by Rebooting Some Iconic Images

The idea was to commission a number of photographers to produce new work about America in the spirit of the Farm Security Administration photography of the ’30s and ’40s. (New York Times)

6. Photographer’s Images Found at Flea Market: The Strange Tale

This past June, photographer and self-professed flea market hound Henry Leutwyler was browsing a Manhattan market when he came across boxes of prints, negatives and contact sheets on a merchant’s folding tables. Leutwyler noticed the boxes were marked with the photographer’s name: Alexi Tan. Leutwyler remembered Tan’s work from the 90s, and wondered how his archive ended up for sale at a flea market. He soon found out. (PDN Pulse)


7. Funniest Photos Ever of Terrified People—Happy Halloween

Candid Fun at the Fear Factory

The Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada calls itself the scariest haunted house in North America. To prove it, they put in some hidden cameras and recorded the reactions of visitors. Gotta see the company’s Flickr account. (Flickr)