Photos of the Week: What We Saw

Posted on September 23, 2011


My weekly review of photography from the U.S. media is up at La Lettre de la Photographie. Here are some of the ways we saw the world this week:


Pretty Princess Photos by Henry Leutwyler

Last week People scored a spot on this list with Nigel Parry’s cover shot of a girl who lost her father on 9/11. This week the magazine is back with another cover shot of a young girl. Photographer Henry Leutwyler shot one of the contestants from the TLC television show Toddlers & Tiaras, which chronicles the world of child beauty pageants. The show recently aired footage of children in what many viewers complained were overly sexualized costumes–the magazine cites one child dressed like Julia Roberts’s hooker from Pretty Woman. Photography Henry Leutwyler’s cover image told the story without heaping more exploitation on top of it. Even better were the other images from the assignment, like the two below. You can find them  here.


Sports, Part 1 Photo by Jeff Haynes/Reuters

The economy is struggling, but Americans can still cheer because the National Football League got back to action. The season had been in jeopardy until a contract settlement between players and owners was hatched over the summer. These two gentlemen, who watched the season opener between the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers, seem to be ready for some football.


Sports, Part 2 Photo by Mark Blinch/Reuters


Meanwhile, the baseball season nears an end, and—here’s a surprise—it looks like the New York Yankees will be heading into the post-season playoffs. They recently lost two out of three games to the lowly Toronto Blue Jays, however. Here, Yankee Brett Gardner jumps to catch a home run hit by Toronto’s Adam Lind. The ball nonetheless sailed over a Nikon advertisement on the outfield wall at Yankee Stadium.


Moment of Impact Photo by Ward Howes/AP

At an air show in Reno, Nevada, a vintage World War II fighter plane crashed during a race, killing the 74-year-old pilot and 10 spectators, while others in the crowds watched—and took pictures.


First Dance Photo by Gregory Bull/AP


At midnight on Tuesday, September 20, the United States military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy came to an end—meaning that openly gay men and lesbians can no longer be prevented from serving. Here, two women, both on active duty in the Navy, danced in a San Diego club moments after new rules took effect.