Icons: The 9/11 Covers

Posted on September 10, 2011


After the the terrorist attacks ten years ago, magazines of all kinds responded with journalism of epic scale. The scope and depth of the event were reflected on their covers. A decade on, with the future of print in question, one wonders whether the power of photography and graphic design seen after 9/11 will ever be equaled.  At any rate,  you can see a collection of covers on the SPD website; here are some of the best:

The New Yorker, September 24, 2001. Illustration: Art Spiegelman, art director: Francoise Mouly.

People, September 24, 2001. Photograph: Robert A. Cumins/Black Star, design director: Philip Simone.

Newsweek, September 24, 2001. Photograph: Thomas E. Franklin, director of covers: Bruce Ramsay, assistant managing editor for design: Lynn Staley.

Time, September 24, 2001. Photograph: Doug Mills, design director: Arthur Hochstein.

New York, September 24, 2001. Photograph: AP/Wide World Photos, design director: Michael Picon, photo director: Chris Dougherty.

The Village Voice, September 25, 2001. Photograph: Andre Souroujon, art director: Ted Keller.

The New York Times Magazine, September 23, 2001. Art director: Janet Froelich, designer: Joel Cuyler, photo editor: Kathy Ryan. “Phantom Towers” conceived by Paul Myoda and Julian LaVerdiere, original photograph by Fred R. Conrad, digital manipulation by The New York Times.

Rolling Stone, October 25, 2001. Photograph: Davies + Starr, photography director: Fiona McDonagh, art director: Fred WoodwaFortune, October 1, 2001. Art director: Blake Taylor.