News: The Big Picture Info Filter

Posted on September 1, 2011


Ripped-Off Surfer Girl by Michael Dweck

1. Malibu Denim Company Rips Off Image, Owes Photographer $100K (ArtInfo)

Last week we were set to report how photographer Michael Dweck’s photo of a naked surfer girl in Art+Auction magazine was banned from Texas prisons by the state’s Department of Criminal Justice, but Hurricane Irene shut down our news desk. (Go here to for the recap.) Now it seems that the inmates’ loss is Dweck’s gain: A federal judge has awarded Dweck $100,000 in damages from a jeans company that ripped off another photo from the series.


2. This Just In: James Nachtwey Is Leaving the VII Agency (British Journal of Photography)

“James Nachtwey is no longer affiliated with VII and is currently managing his professional affairs through his own studio,” VII Photo’s managing director Stephen Mayes tells BJP. The reasons for the split are not yet known.

3. God-Awful Newsweek Covers Working? Yes, Naturally (Business Insider)

Weird Sell-Through

Did you, like many others, hate that crazy Michele Bachmann cover on Newsweek? Or the Photoshopped image of Princess Diana at 50? Since Tina Brown took over the magazine, the weird cover photos have proliferated, and newsstand sales have inched higher. The “insane” Michele Bachmann cover, which Sarah Palin didn’t think was sexist, sold 47,255 copies.That figure is right around the 50,000 average the publication has seen since Brown took over as EIC. Before she started, issues were selling around 39,000 copies. Two other recent issues also sold well. Diana at 50 went over 70,000, while the cover with Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s maid/accuser reached the 50,000-issue plateau.


4. National Geographic Photographer Wants a Camera to See Through Walls (PetaPixel)

Well who wouldn’t want something like that. But David Yoder is trying to raise $270,000 to get the camera built so he can photograph a lost Leonardo da Vinci mural.

5. Chuck Close Explains the Difference Between Wall Street Corruption and Art Market Corruption (Huffington Post)

According to Close, “If the bottom dropped out of the market and the artist was not going to sell anything, he or she will keep working, and the dealer will keep trying to find some way to convince somebody to buy this stuff.” It sounds better when you hear him say it.

6. Is This the Greatest Celebrity Photo Ever Taken? (The Guardian)

Sinatra and crew by Terry O'Neill

This is a terrific piece explaining why the coolest picture ever may be Terry O’Neill’s shot of Frank Sinatra and his crew—and how pictures crank up star power.