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Posted on August 12, 2011


"The Kiss" by Alfred Wertheimer

Elvis’s Mystery Blonde Identified (Vanity Fair)

Vanity Fair is revealing the identity of the blonde who touched tongues with Elvis is the famous 1956 photograph by Alfred Wertheimer. The woman in the photo is one Barbara Gray, now a retired real estate agent, who describes herself as being “very thin and stacked” when Wertheimer took the picture in June, 1956, before Elvis performed at the Mosque Theater in Richmond, Virginia.

David LaChapelle Wins a Round Against Rhianna (PDN)

 A federal court has refused to dismiss David LaChapelle’s copyright claim against pop singer Rihanna over a music video with scenes allegedly copied from several of LaChapelle’s images. The ruling, by the US District Court in New York City, means the photographer’s claim can now go to trial. LaChapelle filed suit in February, alleging that some scenes from the video for Rihanna’s hit single called “S&M” are rip-offs of sadomasochistic images he has created and published over the years.

Are Digital Cameras a Health Hazard? (Mother Jones)

Did you print a piece of paper today? Or use a digital camera? If so, it could have exposed you to glymes, a clear liquid class of chemicals used as solvents in printer ink, carpet cleaners and other household products. Mother Jones reports that the Environmental Protection agency is going to clamp down on glymes.

Hicks Photo of Somali Child Calls for Explanation (Huffington Post)

The New York Times ran a very graphic photo on its front page Tuesday. The photo, by staff photographer Tyler Hicks, shows a severely malnourished Somali child in a Mogadishu hospital. While jarring, Times executive editor Bill Keller told The Huffington Post that the decision to publish was “kind of a no-brainer.”  Director of photography Michele McNally selected the photo of the child and Keller said that pick was “pretty much the consensus of the room.”

How the Stock Photo Business Ate Itself (British Journal of Photography)

Betsy Reid , founding executive director of the Stock Artists Alliance, explains the stock photo industry’s decade-and-a-half-long journey down the rabbit hole.

Jay Meisel vs. Internet “Freetards” (The Russian Photos Blog)

A fulsome explanation of photographer Jay Meisel’s copyright infringement suit and the rabid reaction of the “information wants to be free” crowd.

Dress Smart for Airline Upgrade (The Economist)

Photographers are not always the best dressed people in the room—I’m sorry, but it’s true. Would it kill anyone to put on a tie or other business attire when flying on assignment, which, after all, is business? No, and it might get you upgraded to first class. Airlines are picky about who they put up front, and smart dressers are preferred.

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Photo of the Week: Russian Prisoners Document Toga Party (The Telegraph)

In a scandal that has embarrassed the Russian prison service, a series of photographs surfaced on the internet last month showing inmates in a prison 60 miles southwest of Moscow living the high life. The images, which were publicised this week by online news portal, showed twelve prisoners holding a Roman-themed toga part inside a cell in a jail in the town of Serpukhov.