Photos of the Week: What We Saw

Posted on July 22, 2011


Tale of Two Goals, Part 1

Is winning everything? Is there a substitute it? America’s adoration of the U.S. women’s soccer team exploded during quarterfinal play at the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament in Germany on July 10. Trailing Brazil near the end of regulation play, American Abby Wambach punched in the tying goal, leading to a dramatic overtime and a win. Photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP


Tale of Two Goals, Part 2

After defeating France in the semi-finals, the U.S. team faced Japan in the finals, where it twice gave up leads and finally lost in a penalty-kick shootout. You can feel America’s elation leaving the room in this shot of fans watching the game from the Dark Horse Pub in Philadelphia. Photo by Jose F. Marino/AP


The Journey of Atlantis, Part 1


The space shuttle program came to an end with the final flight of shuttle Atlantis this week. At the very least, the final mission produced some magnificent views, including this one, taken on July 10 from the International Space Station. Photo from NASA


The Journey of Atlantis, Part 2

News commentators assured us that man’s adventure in space will continue in post-shuttle future, but for now we are left with the sight of Atlantis’s final touchdown at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, early yesterday morning. Photo by Scott Andrews/The New York Times


Murdoch and the Press, Part 1


The world now knows that journalism as practiced by Rupert Murdoch’s British News of the World newspaper involved both phone hacking (of everyone from the royal family to crime victims). The disclosures apparently also came as news to Murdoch himself, who told a parliamentary committee investigation the burgeoning scandal that he had no idea of the shady practices his editors and reporters were employing. In this photo of Murdoch leaving his London home by car, we see him undergoing the kind of media scrutiny he usually likes to turn on others, including his enemies. Photo by Ki Prince/AFP


Murdoch and the Press, Part 2

As the News of the World scandal spread and top figures from Scotland Yard began to resign, British Prime Minister David Cameron cut short a visit to South Africa to deal with the matter. Cameron, who has had close ties to many of Murdoch’s top British executives, faced criticism from his political opponents. He is seen here before he left South Africa, apparently stuck between rock and a hard place. Photo by Jerome Delay/AP


Most Dangerous Prey

In this extraordinary photo, a leopard is seen attacking a park ranger at a village near Salugara, India. The leopard had strayed into the village and mauled several people, including rangers, before it was caught. The big cat later died from its own injuries. Photo from AP


Water Therapy, Part 1

A zoo volunteer bathes an elephant in Manila, the Philippines, as members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protested outside the zoo, which they criticized for its care of animals. The best part of this image, for me, is the “open wide” expression of the zoo volunteer. Photo by Romeo Ranoco/Reuters


Water Therapy, Part 2

The heat wave that began in the American Midwest this week spread to the East Coast forcing people to find relief as best they could. Matt Rourke’s timelessly beautiful image shows Aniyah Davis, 7, and her cousin William Respes, 1, playing with a water hose in Philadelphia on July 12. Photo by Matt Rourke/AP